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§15064. Applications

(a) Applications for core Center grants

(1) In general

To be eligible to receive a grant under section 15061(a) of this title for a Center, an entity shall submit to the Secretary, and obtain approval of, an application at such time, in such manner, and containing such information, as the Secretary may require.

(2) Application contents

Each application described in paragraph (1) shall describe a 5-year plan, including a projected goal related to 1 or more areas of emphasis for each of the core functions described in section 15063(a) of this title.

(3) Assurances

The application shall be approved by the Secretary only if the application contains or is supported by reasonable assurances that the entity designated as the Center will-

(A) meet regulatory standards as established by the Secretary for Centers;

(B) address the projected goals, and carry out goal-related activities, based on data driven strategic planning and in a manner consistent with the objectives of this part, that-

(i) are developed in collaboration with the consumer advisory committee established pursuant to subparagraph (E);

(ii) are consistent with, and to the extent feasible complement and further, the Council goals contained in the State plan submitted under section 15024 of this title and the system goals established under section 15043 of this title; and

(iii) will be reviewed and revised annually as necessary to address emerging trends and needs;

(C) use the funds made available through the grant to supplement, and not supplant, the funds that would otherwise be made available for activities described in section 15063(a) of this title;

(D) protect, consistent with the policy specified in section 15001(c) of this title (relating to rights of individuals with developmental disabilities), the legal and human rights of all individuals with developmental disabilities (especially those individuals under State guardianship) who are involved in activities carried out under programs assisted under this part;

(E) establish a consumer advisory committee-

(i) of which a majority of the members shall be individuals with developmental disabilities and family members of such individuals;

(ii) that is comprised of-

(I) individuals with developmental disabilities and related disabilities;

(II) family members of individuals with developmental disabilities;

(III) a representative of the State protection and advocacy system;

(IV) a representative of the State Council on Developmental Disabilities;

(V) a representative of a self-advocacy organization described in section 15024(c)(4)(A)(ii)(I) of this title; and

(VI) representatives of organizations that may include parent training and information centers assisted under section 1471 or 1472 of title 20, entities carrying out activities authorized under section 3003 or 3004 of title 29, relevant State agencies, and other community groups concerned with the welfare of individuals with developmental disabilities and their families;

(iii) that reflects the racial and ethnic diversity of the State; and

(iv) that shall-

(I) consult with the Director of the Center regarding the development of the 5-year plan, and shall participate in an annual review of, and comment on, the progress of the Center in meeting the projected goals contained in the plan, and shall make recommendations to the Director of the Center regarding any proposed revisions of the plan that might be necessary; and

(II) meet as often as necessary to carry out the role of the committee, but at a minimum twice during each grant year;

(F) to the extent possible, utilize the infrastructure and resources obtained through funds made available under the grant to leverage additional public and private funds to successfully achieve the projected goals developed in the 5-year plan;

(G)(i) have a director with appropriate academic credentials, demonstrated leadership, expertise regarding developmental disabilities, significant experience in managing grants and contracts, and the ability to leverage public and private funds; and

(ii) allocate adequate staff time to carry out activities related to each of the core functions described in section 15063(a) of this title; and

(H) educate, and disseminate information related to the purpose of this subchapter to, the legislature of the State in which the Center is located, and to Members of Congress from such State.

(b) Supplemental grant applications pertaining to national training initiatives in critical and emerging needs

To be eligible to receive a supplemental grant under section 15061(b) of this title, a Center may submit a supplemental application to the Secretary at such time, in such manner, and containing such information as the Secretary may require, pursuant to the terms and conditions set by the Secretary consistent with section 15063(b) of this title.

(c) Peer review

(1) In general

The Secretary shall require that all applications submitted under this part be subject to technical and qualitative review by peer review groups established under paragraph (2). The Secretary may approve an application under this part only if such application has been recommended by a peer review group that has conducted the peer review required under this paragraph. In conducting the review, the group may conduct onsite visits or inspections of related activities as necessary.

(2) Establishment of peer review groups

(A) In general

The Secretary, acting through the Commissioner of the Administration on Developmental Disabilities, may, notwithstanding-

(i) the provisions of title 5 concerning appointments to the competitive service; and

(ii) the provisions of chapter 51, and subchapter III of chapter 53 of title 5 concerning classification and General Schedule pay rates;

establish such peer review groups and appoint and set the rates of pay of members of such groups.

(B) Composition

Each peer review group shall include such individuals with disabilities and parents, guardians, or advocates of or for individuals with developmental disabilities, as are necessary to carry out this subsection.

(3) Waivers of approval

The Secretary may waive the provisions of paragraph (1) with respect to review and approval of an application if the Secretary determines that exceptional circumstances warrant such a waiver.

(d) Federal share

(1) In general

The Federal share of the cost of administration or operation of a Center, or the cost of carrying out a training initiative, supported by a grant made under this part may not be more than 75 percent of the necessary cost of such project, as determined by the Secretary.

(2) Urban or rural poverty areas

In the case of a project whose activities or products target individuals with developmental disabilities who live in an urban or rural poverty area, as determined by the Secretary, the Federal share of the cost of the project may not be more than 90 percent of the necessary costs of the project, as determined by the Secretary.

(3) Grant expenditures

For the purpose of determining the Federal share with respect to the project, expenditures on that project by a political subdivision of a State or by a public or private entity shall, subject to such limitations and conditions as the Secretary may by regulation prescribe under section 15004(b) of this title, be considered to be expenditures made by a Center under this part.

(e) Annual report

Each Center shall annually prepare and transmit to the Secretary a report containing-

(1) information on progress made in achieving the projected goals of the Center for the previous year, including-

(A) the extent to which the goals were achieved;

(B) a description of the strategies that contributed to achieving the goals;

(C) to the extent to which the goals were not achieved, a description of factors that impeded the achievement; and

(D) an accounting of the manner in which funds paid to the Center under this part for a fiscal year were expended;

(2) information on proposed revisions to the goals; and

(3) a description of successful efforts to leverage funds, other than funds made available under this part, to pursue goals consistent with this part.

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Pub. L. 108–364 substituted "section 3003 or 3004 of title 29" for "section 3011 or 3012 of title 29".