[USC02] 42 USC 5557: Solar Energy Information Data Bank
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42 USC 5557: Solar Energy Information Data Bank Text contains those laws in effect on August 5, 2020
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§5557. Solar Energy Information Data Bank

(a) Establishment; utilization of other Federal agencies; information and data to be compiled; retrieval and dissemination services; utilization of existing scientific and technical information

(1) In carrying out his functions under this subchapter the Chairman, utilizing the capabilities of the National Science Foundation, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, the Department of Commerce, the Atomic Energy Commission, and other appropriate Federal agencies to the maximum extent possible, shall establish and operate a Solar Energy Information Data Bank (hereinafter in this subsection referred to as the "bank") for the purpose of collecting, reviewing, processing, and disseminating information and data in all of the solar energy technologies referred to in section 5556(c) of this title in a timely and accurate manner in support of the objectives of this subchapter.

(2) Information and data compiled in the bank shall include-

(A) technical information (including reports, journal articles, dissertations, monographs, and project descriptions) on solar energy research, development, and applications;

(B) similar technical information on the design, construction, and maintenance of equipment utilizing solar energy;

(C) general information on solar energy applications to be disseminated for popular consumption;

(D) physical and chemical properties of materials required for solar energy activities and equipment; and

(E) engineering performance data on equipment and devices utilizing solar energy.

(3) In accordance with regulations prescribed under section 5561 of this title, the Chairman shall provide retrieval and dissemination services with respect to the information described under paragraph (2) for-

(A) Federal, State, and local government organizations that are active in the area of energy resources (and their contractors);

(B) universities and colleges in their related research and consulting activities; and

(C) the private sector upon request in appropriate cases.

(4) In carrying out his functions under this subsection, the Chairman shall utilize, when feasible, the existing data base of scientific and technical information in Federal agencies, adding to such data base any information described in paragraph (2) which does not already reside in such base. He shall coordinate or merge this data bank with other Federal energy information data banks as necessary to assure efficient and effective operation.

(b) Studies and research to promote consumer acceptance and utilization of solar energy technologies

In carrying out his functions under this subchapter the Chairman shall perform or cause to be performed studies and research on incentives to promote broader utilization and consumer acceptance of solar energy technologies.

(c) Coordination of solar energy technology utilization programs

The Chairman shall enter into such arrangements and take such other steps as may be necessary or appropriate to provide for the effective coordination of solar energy technology utilization with all other technology utilization programs within the Federal Government.

( Pub. L. 93–473, §8, Oct. 26, 1974, 88 Stat. 1435 .)

Transfer of Functions

Atomic Energy Commission abolished and functions transferred by sections 5814 and 5841 of this title. See also Transfer of Functions notes set out under those sections.

Functions of National Science Foundation relating to or utilized in connection with solar heating and cooling development transferred to Administrator of Energy Research and Development Administration by section 5814(f) of this title. Energy Research and Development Administration terminated and functions vested by law in Administrator thereof transferred to Secretary of Energy (unless otherwise specifically provided) by sections 7151(a) and 7293 of this title.