[USC02] 15 USC 1861 to 1875: Omitted
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15 USC 1861 to 1875: Omitted Text contains those laws in effect on April 11, 2021
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§§1861 to 1875. Omitted


Sections, Pub. L. 96–185, §§1–16, Jan. 7, 1980, 93 Stat. 1324 , were omitted in view of the termination of authority to make commitments to guarantee or issue guarantees under this chapter on Dec. 31, 1983, pursuant to section 1875 of this title, and the total repayment of loans guaranteed under this chapter.

Section 1861 provided definitions for this chapter.

Section 1862 related to establishment and composition of Chrysler Corporation Loan Guarantee Board.

Section 1863 related to commitments for loan guarantees.

Section 1864 related to requirements of loan guarantees.

Section 1865 related to requirements applicable to employees.

Section 1866 related to employee stock ownership plan.

Section 1867 related to limitations on guarantee authority.

Section 1868 related to terms and conditions of loan guarantees.

Section 1869 related to inspection, audit, and investigation.

Section 1870 related to protection of Government's interest.

Section 1871 related to long-term planning study.

Section 1872 related to ineligibility of guaranteed loans for purchase by or sale or issuance to Federal Financing Bank or other Federal entity partly or wholly owned by United States.

Section 1873 related to reports to Congress.

Section 1874 related to authorization of appropriations.

Section 1875 provided that authority to make commitments to guarantee or to issue guarantees under this chapter expires on Dec. 31, 1983.