[USC02] 15 USC 4907: Operation of Data Bank
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15 USC 4907: Operation of Data Bank Text contains those laws in effect on October 21, 2020
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§4907. Operation of Data Bank

The Secretary shall manage the Data Bank to provide the most appropriate data retrieval system or systems possible. Such system or systems shall-

(1) be designed to utilize data processing and retrieval technology in monitoring, organizing, analyzing, and disseminating the data and information contained in the Data Bank;

(2) use the most effective and meaningful means of organizing and making such information available to-

(A) United States Government policymakers;

(B) United States business firms;

(C) United States workers;

(D) United States industry associations;

(E) United States agricultural interests;

(F) State and local economic development agencies; and

(G) other interested United States persons who could benefit from such information;

(3) be of such quality and timeliness and in such form as to assist coordinated trade strategies for the United States; and

(4) facilitate dissemination of information through nonprofit organizations with significant outreach programs which complement the regional outreach programs of the United States and Foreign Commercial Service.

( Pub. L. 100–418, title V, §5407, Aug. 23, 1988, 102 Stat. 1466 .)