[USC02] 16 USC 346a-1: Addition of lands
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16 USC 346a-1: Addition of lands Text contains those laws in effect on November 26, 2020
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§346a–1. Addition of lands

The boundaries of the Zion National Park are revised to include the following described lands:

Salt Lake Meridian

Township 39 south, range 10 west: Section 30, those portions of lots 1 to 7, inclusive, lying south of Kolob Creek and lots 8 to 32, inclusive; section 31, lots 1, 2, 3, 15, 16, 17, 18, 31 and 32.

Township 41 south, range 10 west: Section 28, northeast quarter, that portion of the northwest quarter lying east of the North Fork of the Virgin River and lot 9 of the O. D. Gifford survey, the ownership of which is recorded on page 247 of deed book U12 in Washington County, Utah; section 29, west half; section 31; section 32 (partly surveyed), northeast quarter northwest quarter and west half northwest quarter.

Township 39 south, range 11 west: Section 13, southeast quarter southeast quarter; section 32, north half and southeast quarter.

Township 40 south, range 11 west: Section 5, lots 1 and 2 and south half northeast quarter.

Township 38 south, range 12 west: Section 29, those portions of lot 2 and of the southwest quarter lying east of the easterly right-of-way line of United States Highway 91, identified as project numbered I–01–1(1), Washington County, Utah, said line being 150 feet from and parallel the centerline of such highway, as constructed.

( Pub. L. 86–387, §1, Feb. 20, 1960, 74 Stat. 4 .)