[USC02] 16 USC 4011: Functions and powers of Secretary
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16 USC 4011: Functions and powers of Secretary Text contains those laws in effect on March 3, 2021
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§4011. Functions and powers of Secretary

(a) Duties of the Secretary

In addition to the duties prescribed under section 4009 of this title, the Secretary shall-

(1) review, for consistency with the provisions of this chapter and other applicable law, and approve or disapprove, marketing and promotion plans and budgets within sixty days after their submission by a council;

(2) immediately notify a council in writing of the disapproval of a marketing and promotion plan or budget, together with reasons for such disapproval;

(3) issue orders and amendments to such orders that are necessary to implement quality standards under section 4010(c) of this title;

(4) promulgate regulations necessary to carry out the purposes of this chapter;

(5) enforce the provisions of this chapter, as provided under section 4016 of this title; and

(6) make all appointments to councils in accordance with section 4009(f) of this title.

(b) Assistance

The Secretary may provide, on a reimbursable or other basis, such administrative or technical assistance as a council may request for purposes of the initial organization and subsequent operation of the council.

( Pub. L. 99–659, title II, §212, Nov. 14, 1986, 100 Stat. 3726 .)