[USC02] 16 USC 583k-3: Priority trail maintenance program
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16 USC 583k-3: Priority trail maintenance program Text contains those laws in effect on July 5, 2020
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§583k–3. Priority trail maintenance program

(a) Selection

In accordance with subsections (b) and (c), not later than 6 months after November 28, 2016, the Secretary of Agriculture shall select no fewer than 9 and no more than 15 priority areas for increased trail maintenance accomplishments.

(b) Criteria

Priority areas shall include a well-defined region on National Forest System land where the lack of trail maintenance has-

(1) reduced access to public land;

(2) led to an increase, or risk of increase, in harm to natural resources;

(3) jeopardized public safety;

(4) resulted in trails being impassible by the intended managed users; or

(5) increased future deferred trail maintenance costs.

(c) Requirements

In selecting priority areas, the Secretary shall-

(1) consider any public input on priority areas received within 3 months of November 28, 2016;

(2) consider the range of trail users (including motorized and non-motorized trail users); and

(3) include at least one priority area in each region of the United States Forest Service.

(d) Increased trail maintenance

(1) In general

Within 6 months of the selection of priority areas under subsection (a), and in accordance with paragraph (2), the Secretary shall develop an approach to substantially increase trail maintenance accomplishments within each priority area.

(2) Contents

In developing the approach under paragraph (1), the Secretary shall-

(A) consider any public input on trail maintenance priorities and needs within any priority area;

(B) consider the costs and benefits of increased trail maintenance within each priority area; and

(C) incorporate partners and volunteers in the trail maintenance.

(3) Required trail maintenance

Utilizing the approach developed under paragraph (1), the Secretary shall substantially increase trail maintenance within each priority area.

(e) Coordination

The regional volunteer and partnership coordinators may be responsible for assisting partner organizations in developing and implementing volunteer and partnership projects to increase trail maintenance within priority areas.

(f) Revision

The Secretary shall periodically review the priority areas to determine whether revisions are necessary and may revise the priority areas, including the selection of new priority areas or removal of existing priority areas, at his sole discretion.

( Pub. L. 114–245, §5, Nov. 28, 2016, 130 Stat. 993 .)