[USC02] 20 USC 2008: Scholarship conditions
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*Public Laws 116-315 through 117-1 have been enacted but classifications have not yet been finalized. The currency ("laws in effect") date does not reflect acts for which classification has not been finalized.

20 USC 2008: Scholarship conditions Text contains those laws in effect on March 5, 2021
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§2008. Scholarship conditions

(a) Satisfactory proficiency and devotion of full time to study or research; unapproved employment

A student awarded a scholarship under the provisions of this chapter shall continue to receive the payments provided in this chapter only during such periods as the Foundation finds that he or she is maintaining satisfactory proficiency and devoting full time to study or research designed to prepare him or her for a career in public service and is not otherwise engaging in gainful employment other than employment approved by the Foundation pursuant to regulation.

(b) Reports; certification by official of institution

The Foundation is authorized to require reports containing such information in such form and to be filed at such times as the Foundation determines to be necessary from any student awarded a scholarship under the provisions of this chapter. Such reports shall be accompanied by a certificate from an appropriate official at the institution of higher education, approved by the Foundation, stating that such student is making satisfactory progress in, and is devoting essentially full time to, study or research, except as otherwise provided in subsection (a).

( Pub. L. 93–642, §9, Jan. 4, 1975, 88 Stat. 2278 .)