[USC02] 22 USC 2507b: Sexual assault policy
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22 USC 2507b: Sexual assault policy Text contains those laws in effect on May 28, 2020

§2507b. Sexual assault policy

(a) In general

The President shall develop and implement a comprehensive sexual assault policy that-

(1) includes a system for restricted and unrestricted reporting of sexual assault;

(2) mandates, for each Peace Corps country program, the designation of a Sexual Assault Response Liaison (SARL), who shall receive comprehensive training on procedures to respond to reports of sexual assault, with duties including ensuring that volunteers who are victims of sexual assault are moved to a safe environment and accompanying victims through the in-country response at the request of the victim;

(3) requires any employee of the Peace Corps to immediately contact a Victim's Advocate upon receiving a report of sexual assault in accordance with the restricted and unrestricted reporting guidelines promulgated by the Peace Corps and require the Peace Corps to designate the staff at each post who shall be responsible for providing the services described in subsection (c);

(4) to the extent practicable, conforms to best practices in the sexual assault field;

(5) is applicable to all posts at which volunteers serve;

(6) includes a guarantee that volunteers will not suffer loss of living allowances for reporting a sexual assault;

(7) maintains a record documenting the resignation of any employee or volunteer of the Peace Corps who resigns before a determination has been made regarding an alleged violation of the sexual misconduct policy or other serious policy violations;

(8) takes into account the record maintained under paragraph (7) before such employee or volunteer is hired, enrolled, or otherwise invited to work with the Peace Corps;

(9) provides orientation or information regarding the awareness and prevention of sexual assault and sexual harassment to-

(A) Peace Corps-selected host families; and

(B) a designated person of authority at the volunteer's initial workplace; and

(10) ensures, to the extent practicable and appropriate, that any assault on, or any harm or injury to, a volunteer that is committed by any member of a host family or any national of a host country that was assigned by the Peace Corps to facilitate volunteer work is-

(A) documented in an appropriate site history file and in the global tracking and recording system established pursuant to section 2507h(c) of this title; and

(B) taken into account with respect to determinations regarding placements of future volunteers at such post and the provision of any funds or other benefit by the Peace Corps.

(b) Development and consultation with experts

In developing the sexual assault policy under subsection (a), the President shall consult with and incorporate, as appropriate, the recommendations and views of experts in the sexual assault field, including experts with international experience.

(c) Elements

The sexual assault policy developed under subsection (a) shall include, at a minimum, the following services with respect to a volunteer who has been a victim of sexual assault:

(1) The option of pursuing either restricted or unrestricted reporting of an assault.

(2) Provision of a SARL and Victim's Advocate to the volunteer.

(3) At a volunteer's discretion, provision of a sexual assault forensic exam in accordance with applicable host country law.

(4) If necessary, the provision of emergency health care, including a mechanism for such volunteer to evaluate such provider.

(5) If necessary, the provision of counseling and psychiatric medication.

(6) Completion of a safety and treatment plan with the volunteer, if necessary.

(7) Evacuation of such volunteer for medical treatment, accompanied by a Peace Corps staffer at the request of such volunteer. When evacuated to the United States, such volunteer shall be provided, to the extent practicable, a choice of medical providers including a mechanism for such volunteers to evaluate the provider.

(8) An explanation to the volunteer of available law enforcement and prosecutorial options, and legal representation.

(d) Training

The President shall train all staff outside the United States regarding the sexual assault policy developed under subsection (a).

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2018-Subsec. (a)(3). Pub. L. 115–256, §303(1), substituted "any employee of the Peace Corps" for "SARLs" and "Victim's Advocate" for "Victim Advocate" and inserted "and require the Peace Corps to designate the staff at each post who shall be responsible for providing the services described in subsection (c)" before semicolon at end.

Subsec. (a)(7) to (10). Pub. L. 115–256, §303(2)–(4), added pars. (7) to (10).