[USC02] 22 USC 7702: Definitions
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22 USC 7702: Definitions Text contains those laws in effect on September 20, 2020

§7702. Definitions

In this chapter:

(1) Appropriate congressional committees

The term "appropriate congressional committees" means-

(A) the Committee on International Relations and the Committee on Appropriations of the House of Representatives; and

(B) the Committee on Foreign Relations and the Committee on Appropriations of the Senate.

(2) Board

The term "Board" means the Board of Directors of the Corporation established pursuant to section 7703(c) of this title.

(3) Candidate country

The term "candidate country" means a country that meets the requirements of section 7705 of this title.

(4) Chief Executive Officer

The term "Chief Executive Officer" means the chief executive officer of the Corporation appointed pursuant to section 7703(b) of this title.

(5) Compact

The term "Compact" means a Millennium Challenge Compact described in section 7708 of this title.

(6) Corporation

The term "Corporation" means the Millennium Challenge Corporation established by section 7703(a) of this title.

(7) Eligible country

The term "eligible country" means a candidate country that is determined, under section 7706 of this title, to be an eligible country to receive assistance under section 7704 of this title.

(8) Investments in the people

The term "investments in the people" means government policies or programs of an eligible country that promote the health, education, and other factors which contribute to the well-being and productivity of their people, such as decent, affordable housing for all.

( Pub. L. 108–199, div. D, title VI, §603, Jan. 23, 2004, 118 Stat. 211 ; Pub. L. 108–447, div. D, title V, §534(q), Dec. 8, 2004, 118 Stat. 3008 .)

References in Text

This chapter, referred to in text, was in the original "this title", meaning title VI of Pub. L. 108–199, div. D, Jan. 23, 2004, 118 Stat. 211 , which is classified generally to this chapter. For complete classification of this title to the Code, see Short Title note set out under section 7701 of this title and Tables.


2004-Par. (8). Pub. L. 108–447 added par. (8).

Change of Name

Committee on International Relations of House of Representatives changed to Committee on Foreign Affairs of House of Representatives by House Resolution No. 6, One Hundred Tenth Congress, Jan. 5, 2007.