[USC02] 22 USC 8902: United States policy toward Ukraine
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22 USC 8902: United States policy toward Ukraine Text contains those laws in effect on January 14, 2021
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§8902. United States policy toward Ukraine

It is the policy of the United States-

(1) to condemn the unjustified military intervention of the Russian Federation in the Crimea region of Ukraine and its concurrent occupation of that region, as well as any other form of political, economic, or military aggression against Ukraine;

(2) to reaffirm the commitment of the United States to, and to remind Russia of its ongoing commitment to, the 1994 Budapest Memorandum on Security Assurances, which was executed jointly with the Russian Federation and the United Kingdom and explicitly secures the independence, sovereignty, and territorial integrity and borders of Ukraine, and to demand the immediate cessation of improper activities, including the seizures of airfields and other locations, and the immediate return of Russian forces to their barracks;

(3) to work with United States partners in the European Union, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, and at the United Nations to ensure that all nations recognize and not undermine, nor seek to undermine, the independence, sovereignty, or territorial or economic integrity of Ukraine;

(4) to use all appropriate economic elements of United States national power, in coordination with United States allies, to protect the independence, sovereignty, and territorial and economic integrity of Ukraine;

(5) to support the people of Ukraine in their desire to forge closer ties with Europe, including signing an Association Agreement with the European Union as a means to address endemic corruption, consolidate democracy, and achieve sustained prosperity;

(6) to use the voice and vote of the United States to secure sufficient resources through the International Monetary Fund to support needed economic structural reforms in Ukraine under conditions that will reinforce a sovereign decision by the Government of Ukraine to sign and implement an association agreement with the European Union;

(7) to help the Government of Ukraine prepare for the presidential election in May 2014;

(8) to reinforce the efforts of the Government of Ukraine to bring to justice those responsible for the acts of violence against peaceful protestors and other unprovoked acts of violence related to the antigovernment protests in 1 that began on November 21, 2013;

(9) to support the efforts of the Government of Ukraine to recover and return to the Ukrainian state funds stolen by former President Yanukovych, his family, and other current and former members of the Ukrainian government and elites;

(10) to support the continued professionalization of the Ukrainian military;

(11) to condemn economic extortion by the Russian Federation against Ukraine, Moldova, Lithuania, and other countries in the region designed to obstruct closer ties between the European Union and the countries of the Eastern Partnership and to reduce the harmful consequences of such extortion;

(12) to condemn the continuing and long-standing pattern and practice by the Government of the Russian Federation of physical and economic aggression toward neighboring countries;

(13) to enhance and extend our security cooperation with, security assistance to, and military exercises conducted with, states in Central and Eastern Europe, including North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) member countries, NATO aspirants, and appropriate Eastern Partnership countries;

(14) to reaffirm United States defense commitments to its treaty allies under Article V of the North Atlantic Treaty;

(15) that the continued participation of the Russian Federation in the Group of Eight (G–8) nations should be conditioned on the Government of the Russian Federation respecting the territorial integrity of its neighbors and accepting and adhering to the norms and standards of free, democratic societies as generally practiced by every other member nation of the G–8 nations;

(16) to explore ways for the United States Government to assist the countries of Central and Eastern Europe to diversify their energy sources and achieve energy security; and

(17) to ensure the United States maintains its predominant leadership position and influence within the International Monetary Fund, and to guarantee the International Monetary Fund has the resources and governance structure necessary to support structural reforms in Ukraine and respond to and prevent a potentially serious financial crisis in Ukraine or other foreign economic crises that threatens United States national security.

( Pub. L. 113–95, §3, Apr. 3, 2014, 128 Stat. 1088 .)

1 So in original.