[USC02] 42 USC 5555: Research and development program
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42 USC 5555: Research and development program Text contains those laws in effect on December 26, 2020
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§5555. Research and development program

(a) Purpose

The Chairman shall initiate a research and development program for the purpose of resolving the major technical problems inhibiting commercial utilization of solar energy in the United States.

(b) Implementation

In connection with or as a part of such program, the Chairman shall-

(1) conduct, encourage, and promote scientific research and studies to develop effective and economical processes and equipment for the purpose of utilizing solar energy in an acceptable manner for beneficial uses;

(2) carry out systems, economic, social, and environmental studies to provide a basis for research, development and demonstration planning and phasing; and

(3) perform or cause to be performed technology assessments relevant to the utilization of solar energy.

(c) Scope

The specific solar energy technologies to be addressed or dealt with in the program shall include-

(1) direct solar heat as a source for industrial processes, including the utilization of low-level heat for process and other industrial purposes;

(2) thermal energy conversion, and other methods, for the generation of electricity and the production of chemical fuels;

(3) the conversion of cellulose and other organic materials (including wastes) to useful energy or fuels;

(4) photovoltaic and other direct conversion processes;

(5) sea thermal gradient conversion;

(6) windpower conversion;

(7) solar heating and cooling of housing and of commercial and public buildings; and

(8) energy storage.

( Pub. L. 93–473, §6, Oct. 26, 1974, 88 Stat. 1433 .)