[USC02] 46 USC 70119: Civil penalty
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46 USC 70119: Civil penalty Text contains those laws in effect on April 14, 2021
From Title 46-SHIPPINGSubtitle VII-Security and Drug EnforcementCHAPTER 701-PORT SECURITYSUBCHAPTER I-GENERAL

§70119. Civil penalty

(a) In General.-Any person that violates this chapter or any regulation under this chapter shall be liable to the United States for a civil penalty of not more than $25,000 for each day during which the violation continues.

(b) Continuing Violations.-The maximum amount of a civil penalty for a violation under this section shall not exceed $50,000.

(Added Pub. L. 107–295, title I, §102(a), Nov. 25, 2002, 116 Stat. 2084 , §70117; renumbered §70119, Pub. L. 108–293, title VIII, §802(a)(1), Aug. 9, 2004, 118 Stat. 1078 ; amended Pub. L. 109–241, title III, §306(a), July 11, 2006, 120 Stat. 528 .)

Editorial Notes


Another section 70119 was renumbered section 70118 of this title.


2006-Pub. L. 109–241 designated existing provisions as subsec. (a), inserted heading, substituted "day during which the violation continues" for "violation", and added subsec. (b).