[USC02] 7 USC 1606: Authorization of expenditures
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7 USC 1606: Authorization of expenditures Text contains those laws in effect on September 30, 2020

§1606. Authorization of expenditures

The Secretary of Agriculture is authorized to make such expenditures for rent, outside of the District of Columbia, printing, binding, telegrams, telephones, books of reference, publications, furniture, stationery, office and laboratory equipment, travel, and other supplies, including reporting services, such research necessary to develop methods of processing, bulking, blending, sampling, testing, and merchandising seeds necessary to the administration of this chapter and other necessary expenses in the District of Columbia and elsewhere, and as may be appropriated for by the Congress.

(Aug. 9, 1939, ch. 615, title IV, §416, 53 Stat. 1289 .)

Effective Date

See section 1610 of this title.