Upcoming changes to the United States Code and types of bulk data available on this website.

Modern Legislative Drafting Style for Non-Positive Law Titles of the United States Code

To provide more uniformity in appearance throughout the U.S Code, the style of headings within sections in non-positive law titles will be converted to that used within sections in positive law titles. This is a change in style only. No changes to the content of the headings are occurring. After this conversion, not only will the style of non-positive and positive law headings be uniform, they will also be consistent with the style used in legislative drafting. As a result, headings within non-positive law sections of the Code will more closely resemble the headings from the enacting public laws. The scope of this action is limited to headings for items smaller than (contained within) a section of the U.S. Code

Please review the information here for additional details.

Move from USLM 1.x to USLM 2.x

The Office of the Law Revision Counsel has made XML available in the USLM format based on the USLM "version 1" since July 2013. Over the last 10 years USLM has evolved and the Office will soon begin publishing XML based on USLM "version 2".

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End of Availability for the Archaic Data Format ASCII Text with Embedded GPO Photocomposition Codes

As the Office of the Law Revision Counsel moves product production into an XML based system, the U.S. Code will no longer be published in PCC format. The archaic format, which is ASCII text with GPO photocomposition codes embedded within that text, will no longer be produced and so will not be provided.

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Questions about the changes can be directed to the office using the contact information provided here.