118th Congress, 1st Session

(Public Laws 118-1 through 118-3)

Columns 1 and 2

    List U. S. Code titles and sections according to the Public Law from which they are derived. The letter "A" in column 1 means Appendix.
Column 3
    Contains special information as follows:
    • "nt" means note.
    • "nt [tbl]" means note [table].
    • "prec" means preceding.
    • "fr" means a transfer from another section.
    • "to" means a transfer to another section.
    • "new" means a new section or new note.
    • "gen amd" means the section or note is generally amended.
    • "omitted" means the section is omitted.
    • "repealed" means the section or note is repealed.
    • "nt ed chg" and "ed chg" -- See the Editorial Classification Change Table.
    • No entry or "nt" by itself means the section or note is amended.
Columns 4, 5, and 6
    Contain Public Law, Section, and Statutes-at-Large citations. An item in quotes following the section citation in column 5 indicates a new section that is being added either to a positive law title or to an existing Act classified to a non-positive law title.

Prepared by
Office of the Law Revision Counsel
U.S. House of Representatives
April 10, 2023

 U. S. Code
Title Section      Description      Pub. L.  Sec.                  137 Stat.
-------------      -----------      -------------                  ---------
50    3161         nt new           118-2                             4          
50    1621         nt new           118-3                             6